Southwest Frameworks has been custom building and painting bicycle frames since 1984. Originally Cheakas Custom Cycles, a one man custom bicycle frame shop, in 1994 we evolved to Southwest Frameworks. Our services and products now include custom framesets, steel and carbon fiber frame repair, complete bicycles, frame refinishing and restoration.

If the heart of the bicycle is the frame, then the soul of the bicycle is the fit. Custom bicycle frames from Southwest Frameworks are designed and built to fit the heart and soul of the rider. Whether for fitness riding, century riding, hard-core competitive racing, or just plain pleasure riding, a custom fit, made to measure bicycle frame from Southwest Frameworks will help you achieve your cycling goals.

Southwest Frameworks is dedicated to continuing the art of the custom, hand crafted bicycle frame. Although modern technology is employed in the manufacture and modification of the materials essential for the crafting of the bicycle frame, it falls upon the framebuilder to weave these materials into a finished product. To help continue this rich tradition, buy only custom, hand crafted bicycle frames.

The fit is the most important issue with a bicycle. Period. Material, joining process, color, and cool-factor, while important, are not on the same line as fit. In desiging your custom frame I will make every effort to determine the perfect fit. The best thing would be to visit the shop for a fitting. Unfortunately that is not possible for most people. In these cases I suggest you take your own measurments and/or get a fitting from a local bike shop you trust. We can go from there.

Each frame produced by Southwest Frameworks is usually different from the last. Therefore having a unified price structure is difficult but custom steel frame start at $2700.00. To receive an estimate on a custom frame or complete bicycle, please call the shop at 214.358.2579, or email to: You will neither be put on a mailing list (unless you want to be) nor have your e-mail address seen by anyone outside our shop.