Of great concern to most riders is the weight of the frame. The way I respond to questions about the weight of one of my frames is simple: My frames will weigh just about the same as any other frame of similar construction from most other builder.


Effective November 30, 2008, Southwest Frameworks will temporarily suspend taking orders for custom road frames. As the current wait time for a custom frame is over a year, this decision was made to facilitate the completion of orders currently on the books. To "clear out the order book" as it were. We expect the suspension to last for between four and six months. After that time, we will reevaluate completion times on custom road frames and decide when we will begin taking orders again.

We will, however, still produce stock steel MTB's and 29r's under the "Philo Beddo" and “YBS” labels, and keep the paint operation at full force.