Hand crafted. Every frame that bears the Cheakas decal is hand crafted from start to finish, from top to bottom. One frame at a time from one builder. Every time. Each miter is cut on a specially designed cutting machine to insure the most accurate fit. Lugged frames are joined with low temperature silver to retain as much tensile strength as possible in the materials, then hand finished. The result is a clean, crisp lug line that is the hallmark of the classic custom hand crafted bicycle frame. Alignment checks are done several times during the building process to insure a minimum of cold setting after the frame is built.

For those wanting the sleek lugless look, fillet brazed frames are also available. After brazing, the fillets are hand worked to a perfect finish. After the final alignment check the frames are prepared for in-house painting.

Please look into The Galleries for pictures of the workshop, then step into The Paint Shop

for details on the paint work.